Customer: R. Oliver

"The customer called in to leave compliments for the driver, they did an excellent job.Customer was really happy with this service"

Customer: I. Katchetov

"I received a call this morning from Mr. Ivan Kotchetov who received delivery today, and he called into compliment the drivers that performed this delivery. Mr.Kotchetov was extremely pleased with his delivery, he went on to tell me the drivers were very courteous, came on time, were very careful, they took their shoes before coming in the house as to not track dirt, set up the bed and their frame, handled everything on their own and the customer never had to tap in or help. He was very appreciative, he had been moving and has not had good experiences with other moving companies and wanted to make sure that the drivers were rewarded for all of their hard work and how well they executed the delivery and completely on their own. He gave me the truck number which was confirmed to be FBA2. Here is the information on the order. I informed the customer we would pass the compliment on and make sure the drivers and their manager would know what a terrific job they did. Thank you!"

Customer D. Burnham,

"The delivery team did a great job and even vaccuumed under the merchandise, very happy with the service that was provided by the delivery team"

Customer for order 97326326

"The delivery team was very professional, clean, put on the 'footies'- did just a clean and neat job"

Customer Snow - order #97312748

"I want to let you know about the absolute SPLENDID services received by your delivery team. I am so impressed with their professionalism and courtesy. They put everything together and showed how everything worked and did not even leave one piece of cardboard behind. Thank you, I will be a customer for life keep up the great work!